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Aintzira Gazi Handia (-a)

Aintzira Handiak (-ak)

Ayding aintzira

Comoko aintzira

Elur-oreinaren aintzira

Esklaboen Aintzira Handia (-a)

Gardako aintzira

Hartzaren Aintzira Handia (-a)

Konstantzako aintzira

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The Azkue Library and Archive

9:00 - 14:00

The Azkue Library and Archive serves Euskaltzaindia. It is also open to all researchers and it aims to foster research and support the distribution of Basque cultural issues as far as it is able.

  • Euskaltzaindia - Real Academia de la Lengua Vasca - Académie de la Langue Basque
  • Plaza Barria, 15. 48005 BILBO
  • +34 944 158 155
  • info@euskaltzaindia.eus
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